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Having Problems Accessing the New Website?

Having Problems Accessing the New Website?

Dear Doctors, It seems that some of you do not have access to the new website. The reason behind this is because we do not have your updated email address and we can't send out the new username and password. Please email to us your new "email address" along with your "full name" and your "IC number" to -> [email protected] and we shall get you sorted out as soon as we are able. Or you can also write a comment on the blog itself. (Please take note, that only members that are "registered" and in "active" status can have access to the website)

For those who have already received an email from us. Please use the username and password provided to access the website. You are encourage to change the password once you are login. Once you are in the profile page, under the "password" section, key in your new password and repeat the step for the "confirm your password" and hit the submit button. You are also encourage to update your profile. I apologize on behalf of MMA and thank you for your cooperation on the matter. On behalf of MMA, Thank you. Nasrul

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018