The Malaysian Medical Association, as a professional body representing the largest number of medical practitioners in the country, pledges the following to its members in good standing:

  • To defend and preserve at all times the Constitution of the Malaysian Medical Association in the execution of the legitimate rights, interests and privileges of membership of the Members.
  • To uphold the image and credibility of the medical profession in ensuring that the Members provide the highest standard of health care to the people of Malaysia.
  • To treat all Members with honesty, sincerity and equality, and to respect their honour and dignity.
  • To ensure that the Officers and Staff of the Association will serve the Members without self-interest and without prejudice.
  • To ensure that the legitimate professional interests of all Members are safeguarded, and that the Ethical Code of the Association and other related Professional Codes are upheld in all dealings of the Association.
  • To uphold the bona fide interests of all Members in all dealings with the government and its related agencies, other professional medical and non-medical and, non-governmental organisations.
  • To safeguard and, when necessary, further enhance, the personal interests and benefits of the Members, in all matters of investments, endowments, insurance and other financial undertakings.
  • To provide accessibility for Members to all relevant notices and publications of the Association, and opportunities for their Continuing Medical Education.