Docquity: A Private & Secure Doctors-Only Professional Network for MMA

MMA has partnered up with Docquity, a mobile networking and collaboration channel, to set up a doctors-only professional network, exclusively for members of MMA. With this partnership, MMA members can use this mobile channel to collaborate with trusted peers across geographies in real time. The ability to exchange and learn from medical experiences in real time over a secure doctors-only network is valuable and can potentially save lives.

MMA is partnering with Docquity to create and establish such an exclusive network for all of our MMA members. Groups can be formed among the Council and the National Working Committee.

A doctor’s job is difficult. We come across challenging and unique patient cases almost every day; we are always learning and building our experiences to serve the broader purpose of saving lives. At the same time developments in the medical world are happening at a very fast pace, making it harder to keep up. A professional network with trusted peers will help to solve this problem. It is a network where we can share and learn from each other’s experiences, best practises thus creating a new standard for professional collaboration in Malaysia. Going digital is the fastest way to embrace this change and this partnership with Docquity will precisely make that happen.

At the heart of the Docquity Application is the ability to have private and secure discussions with individual doctors or have group discussions with multiple doctors. The App is private in a way that it is only for doctors and one needs to be invited to join. The App is secure because Docquity has stringent security features to protect the discussions that occur. You can share images, reports, X-rays or give and receive second opinions on patient conditions during your private conversations with other trusted members. MMA will also be posting latest trends, our publications, event details and other important announcements on the Docquity App. This will help all our members to be updated daily on important topics, and it can be read at anytime and anywhere.

Members can also share topics that they feel is important for fellow members of MMA. Members can “trust” and comment on these topics to further enrich the discussions. MMA believes such collaborations will bring this exclusive community of doctors together and create a professional network community. This is our community, our platform and an initiative to help connect all our members onto a single network to create a precedent in collaborative care.

We will be announcing the details of the download, the login procedure and hosting a demo video of the application on our website. The Docquity ( Mobile Application can be downloaded from the “Apple App Store” and “Google Play store”. Please watch out for the announcement shortly.

Happy Networking & Collaboration!

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