The Case Studies In Medical Ethics Book Up For Sale

Mercedes-Benz Affinity Scheme - Sales Campaign program provides members of MMA with a regulated entitlement to a fleet discount as set out below in respect of brand new Mercedes-Benz passenger cars offered for sale by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Company No: 596096-H) (hereinafter referred to as "MBM")

All cars sold under this Sales Campaign program MUST be registered by/before the end of the Sales Campaign period: 30th June 2016. Any cars registered after the Sales Campaign period will not be entitled to the Sales Campaign discount.

MMA-Docquity - MMA has partnered up with Docquity, a mobile networking and collaboration channel, to set up a doctors-only professional network, exclusively for members of MMA. With this partnership, MMA members can use this mobile channel to collaborate with trusted peers across geographies in real time. The ability to exchange and learn from medical experiences in real time over a secure doctors-only network is valuable and can potentially save lives.

The BMW Group Corporate Programme is designed to enhance doctors and specialists who are registered members of Malaysian Medical Association benefits when purchases of a unit of new BMW or new MINI car from a BMW / MINI Authorized Dealer is made within a period of 24 months, starting from the invoice date of the first new BMW or MINI car to be purchased in 2015.

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