Dear Members,

We would like your feedback on the proposed medical examination format for the JPJ GDL/PSV application /renewal.

Kindly, note that this is for the purpose of recommendation to the Ministry of Transport on the need for a proper medical examination form for the application /renewal of the JPJ GDL/PSV.


Recent incidences of alleged improper and inappropriate reporting of medical examination of goods/ heavy vehicles driving applicants had been reported in the media.
In addition, the cases of fatal driving accidents involving goods/ heavy vehicles nationwide continues to be significant.
With respect to the above, the Malaysian Medical Association propose amendments to the current medical examination of Goods/ Heavy vehicles drivers as well as the standard operating procedures for reporting examination results.

The objectives of the proposals are as follows:

1. To ensure thorough, complete and comprehensive examination of Goods/ heavy vehicles drivers to ensure fitness to drive.
2. To ensure screening of common medical causes of fatal motor vehicles accidents involving goods/ heavy vehicles
3. To maintain high standards of medical examination conducted.

Item 1,2,3 – basically the same issue – to provide good med examination. – may need to reword it.

4. To ensure public safety by certifying drivers that are properly vetted.
5. To ensure fair remuneration for Doctors conducting the examination commensurate with the comprehensive examination required.

The following are the proposed amendments:

1. Changes to the medical examination format:
    1.1 To screen for sleep apnea as a common medical cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents
    1.2 To screen for hearing defects as an integral component of safe drivers

2. Changes to the frequency of screening:
     2.1 To do annual screening examination due to the possibility of significant impairment of driving ability within a 12 month interval.

3. Changes to the fess charged:
    3.1 Increase the fees to rm80 or more per examination. (price not inclusive of charges reacted to sleep apnea testing & audiometry)

4. Changes in form design:
    4.1. Serial numbering on forms/E-Electronic Forms directly submitted to JPJ
    4.2. Designing a compete medical examination form.

5. Certification course:
    5.1 Both JPJ & MMA – to design a familiarization and certification course for Doctors intending to conduct the medical examination nationwide - with registration number.
    5.2 Course repeated once in 3 years.
    5.3 to establish a database of approved Drs – available on the JPJ website

6. Mandatory Urine Drug Test.

7. Special provision of drivers above 60 years:
    7.1 addition of mental cognitive screening as well as dexterity assessment b 6.2. Assessment by Occupational therapist due to the increasing risk of dementia impairing
         driving abilities.

Dr John Teo
Chairman of the GDL/PSV Task Force.
PPSMMA Sabah Representative




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